Australian Jewellery Designers

Nick is a qualified and highly experienced Master Jeweller and Jewellery Designer with over 30 years involvement in the Diamond and Jewellery business. He has had the wonderful opportunity over the years and continues to collect rare pink, coloured and white diamonds from the Argyle mine and stunning vivid yellow diamonds from the Ellendale mine in Western Australia.

Combined with gold also mined in Western Australia Nick is able to design and hand make stunning pieces of jewellery in his Brisbane Studio using these materials sourced from deep beneath the surface of Western Australia to create truly Australian designed and made pieces of jewellery from Australia.
This is a huge point of difference to mainstream jewellers where most of the jewellery displayed has been imported from overseas and has been manufactured using computer aided design (CAD) techniques which involves casting and are often problematic in the long term.
Nick’s time on the work benches in Hatton Garden, London served him well, and is a true believer in making jewellery in the traditional way.

“Hand made jewellery not only looks and feels better but will last a lifetime which is why I can guarantee all my pieces of jewellery made in the workshop for life.”

If you are looking for uniquely Australian designed jewellery that has been hand made to the highest standards make an appointment with Nick in either his Brisbane Studio or local regional offices and he can show you his collection of Diamond Engagement Rings, Dress Rings, Wedding rings, Earrings and Diamond Jewellery.