Australian-based diamond experts announce new international standard in diamond perfection

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October 01, 2014

The highest International Certification for round brilliant diamonds is now “TripleEx H&A™” – the world’s most perfectly cut Hearts and Arrows diamonds.

The Australian-owned Diamond Jewellery Studio group recently announced the new certification after several years’ research and development. Based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and as a member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses it is connected to every international diamond database as well as all DeBeers DTC sightholder diamond inventories.

“Our clients are more discerning and far better informed about diamond quality than the average buyer” commented Diamond Jewellery Studio’s Managing Director, Nick Ireland. “Their knowledge and feedback has helped us create the new higher TripleEx H&A™ Certification.”

Already certified with GIA and being given Ex/Ex/Ex for cut, polish and symmetry, a TripleEx H&A™ diamond must have accurate table and depth percentages, crown and pavilion depths and angles that are perfect for achieving the ultimate cut proportions. They are then carefully studied under a special H&A Scope to check the quality and crispness of the diamond’s unique Hearts and Arrows formation.

Finally, the diamond is viewed through an Aset Scope to determine its light return and brilliance. Only then, if the diamond passes these strict criteria, will it be laser inscribed with the TripleEx H&A™ logo. It will then have printed, its own, TripleEx H&A™ certificate, showing images of its unique hearts and arrows formation and its Aset scope image showing its scintillating light return.

“Mr Ireland added: “Each TripleEx H&A™ diamond is unique – one-in-the-world. It is presented in a beautifully crafted, hand made ‘Black Box’ with a hearts and arrows viewer inside, so the new owner can show her family and friends that she has, indeed, the worlds most perfectly cut hearts and arrows diamond.”

“When it comes to fitting their TripleEx H&A™ diamond we dedicate one Master Jeweller to them for the entire process – from design to finish, hence our unique brand promise of……

“One diamond. One person. One ring.”

Interviews and photo opportunities can be arranged at the Diamond Jewellery Studio Sydney or Brisbane.

Phone group MD Nick Ireland on (07)3012 8860 ….mobile: 0413 086 883

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