The modern appeal of the princess cut diamond

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April 22, 2015

The princess cut diamond, also referred to as “square modified brilliant” is modern in every sense of the word. A relatively new cut in the world of diamonds (created in the 1960’s) the princess cut diamond has taken the world by storm and is not only used widely in engagement rings but also in many other pieces of jewellery including earrings and necklaces! But what is it about a princess cut diamond that makes it such a popular choice especially when it comes to modern brides and grooms?

Money Matters?

Let’s face it, when we invest our hard earned money into a lovely piece of jewellery, we like for it to be noticed! But did you know that princess cut engagement rings are often slightly cheaper than that of their direct modern competition- the brilliant cut stone? This is because a princess cut diamond retains about 80% of the rough diamond, as opposed to the round brilliant which retains only about 50%.

When a bride or groom thus, chooses to opt for princess cut diamond rings, they are likely to be able to either get a larger diamond or a better quality diamond for less. And that little bit of extra size or sparkle goes a long way toward the special ring being admired and noticed!

Styling with the times?

But it’s unlikely to be all about the money when it comes to princess cut diamond engagement rings. They are often the choice of modern brides based on their styling. Their distinct, clean lines and their versatility allow princess cut diamonds to be used in a vast array of unique and modern settings. They can also be integrated with other jewellery very easily, given the fact that princes cut diamonds are used in many necklaces, earrings and even body jewellery.

What’s in a name?

Some think that it is the simple appeal of the name that makes this diamond so popular. After all who doesn’t like to feel like a princess every now and then and what stone is more symbolic and special than a diamond?

In reality, it is probably a combination of all three of these things that has brought the princess cut diamond to such prominence. Ultimately, the princess cut is a beautiful and versatile representation for a classic and vibrant stone- and modern brides and grooms can’t get enough of it!

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