The ultimate shopping guide for unique engagement rings

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January 13, 2015

When shopping for unique engagement rings, you simply must think outside the square! If you visit major shopping centres and big retails names expecting to find yourself range unique engagement rings, you are sure to come away bitterly disappointed and disheartened.

To find unique engagement rings, the key is to look for leading modern designers- both in your own backyard and internationally. Look online for award winning designers, scour their range for concepts that you like- rather than trying to find that elusive one ring that stands out from the rest. This way, not only will you discover what elements create uniqueness in design, but you’ll also quickly identify your own taste when it comes to rings.

Knowing what you do and don’t like is integral to getting a unique engagement ring. After all, most people that want a unique design will opt to have a master jeweller create their ring from scratch. The ability to describe and convey your taste to a jeweller will be the key to getting it absolutely perfect! So our best advice is to research anywhere and everywhere you can, and then bring together concepts that you like to create a unique style that will be admired by all that see it for years to come!

November 05, 2014

What are Triple Excellent Certified Diamonds?

Anyone doing some research about diamonds on the internet before they make a commitment to purchase one will have come across diamonds described as ‘triple excellent’ being the ultimate in cut perfection and brilliance.

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November 02, 2014

Black Diamonds – Distinctive, Rare Diamonds

Black diamonds are rare polycrystalline diamonds which originate from Brazil and the Central African Republic. Traditionally, they have been seen as unattractive for use in fashion and jewellery and until recently their primary purpose has been industrial with the Carbonado diamond used commercial drills due to its hard, compact nature.
In recent years however, the prominence of black diamonds in use as jewellery pieces has increased significantly and it is now a much sought after and fashionable stone. Black diamonds are typically a distinctive black or dark grey in colour with the best diamonds demonstrating a metallic caviar hue.
Black diamonds, like all coloured diamonds are extremely rare and distinctive with just one in every 10,000 diamonds mined being coloured. Black diamonds get their colour from the presence of miniscule mineral particles such as magnetite and haematite and as they are so hard, they take significantly longer time to cut, up to five times as long in many cases and this, further adding to the value of the diamond.
The most famous black diamond, the Black Orloff or the Eye of Brahma, weighs 67ct and sold for auction at Sotheby’s in 1995 for US$1.5 million.

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October 01, 2014

September 08, 2014

June 27, 2017

Why a Handmade Engagement Ring Is the Way to Go

There are always new trends happening on the jewellery front, but one of the longest lasting and most exciting of the trends are handmade engagement rings. If you are in the market for a ring for your beloved partner, you may want to consider a bespoke ring with which to pop that all-important question.

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