The Workshop

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Nick's studio / workshop is based at Elizabeth street, Brisbane and is where all his hand made jewellery is created and exhibited.

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Designing and manufacturing in house gives Nick total control over each piece through the manufacturing and finishing process ensuring the highest quality from start to finish.

Whether it is adapting or redesigning existing jewellery or creating a new engagement ring Nick encourages his clients to be involved in the design process to create their own bespoke piece of jewellery, safe in the knowledge that his years of expertise and craftsmanship will ensure the perfect outcome.

Comments he hears time and again from his clients is how comfortable they feel to be dealing directly with the designer and actual jeweller who is making their special piece from start to finish which alleviates the communication issues often found in traditional jewellery stores.

From his time spent on work benches in Hatton Garden, London, surrounded by tremendously skilled artisans and knowing what is possible his approach goes against the current trend of computer aided design (CAD) cast produced rings, which are often problematic in the long term and lack the quality and individuality of a hand crafted piece of jewellery.

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"Hand made jewellery not only looks and feels better but will last a lifetime which is why I can guarantee all my pieces of jewellery made in the workshop for life."

If you would like an appointment with Nick please call 1300 280 012.