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Pink, White and Coloured Diamonds in all shapes, sizes at wholesale prices

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Where to find the best range of stunning Wholesale Diamonds

One of the reasons that The Diamond Jewellery Studio has been such a success is Nick Ireland’s experience and industry links. This means that his ability to identify which wholesale diamonds are best for a particular piece of jewellery or offer a wise investment opportunity are an asset that must be taken advantage of. Along with this knowledge is his access to a huge collection of diamonds with the ability to offer the best prices from the best industry sources around the world.

Why the best wholesale diamonds Brisbane clients purchase come from Nick

All diamonds are not created equal and Nick can spend the time with you so that you completely understand exactly what best suits your needs. Factors such as size, cut and clarity can have a huge impact on price and having an expert to both educate you and to give you access to the widest range of sources is not something available from your average retail outlet.

Fabulous loose diamonds that Sydney and Melbourne connoisseurs will love

If you are looking for that special stone then taking the time to meet with Nick in his Brisbane workshop or at his CBD location in Melbourne and Sydney is the best decision you could make. You not only will be impressed by the range of stones available but also at the way that Nick can transform special wholesale diamonds into a handmade work of art.

The website has a huge range of high quality photographs that highlight the beautiful wholesale diamonds Melbourne collectors have been purchasing for years. It also highlights some of the current handmade creations from the Master Jeweller, Nick Ireland that are truly amazing.

Why you will get the best price

Every step from mining the diamond from the ground to finally selling it to the customer adds on a cost. Nick’s experience, status and industry connections mean that he can offer the best wholesale prices. These include:

  • DeBeers Sightholders
  • Alrosa Diamond Company
  • Australian and International Argyle Partners
  • Selected Cutting and Polishing Houses

Contact Nick today and ensure you get a price that will delight you and a range of spectacular diamonds that are far above average.

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