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The Diamond Jewellery Studio Sydney is a diamond wholesaler, Sydney customers can trust to supply the highest quality certified cut diamonds, at competitive prices. Nick Ireland and the team of jewellery experts have been providing wholesale jewellery in Sydney and loose diamonds in Sydney for over 30 years and have the experience and contacts to get the best possible diamonds and gemstones for your jewellery. If you are looking to purchase loose diamonds in Sydney, we are here to make the buying experience an enjoyable one and can also offer our customers a diamond education to ensure that they understand what they are buying. Whether you know about diamonds or not, and you are looking for wholesale diamonds in Sydney, Australia, call us today on Tel: 1300 280 012 and let one of our diamond jewellery experts show you how passionate we are about everything to do with diamonds.

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The Experts In Wholesale Diamonds Sydney

When you buy a diamond wholesale in Sydney, it is essential that you choose a reputable diamond importer that only deals in certified diamonds of the highest quality, such as The Diamond Jewellery Studio in Sydney. We have a wealth of experience in gemmology, lapidary, which is the cutting of gemstones, as well as designing and handcrafting exquisite designer diamond jewellery. The Diamond Jewellery Studio Sydney is proud to be members of the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia (DDCA), the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct Committee (CDCC), and the Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA). You can rest assured that when you are looking to purchase diamonds wholesale, Sydney has no better wholesale diamond broker than The Diamond Jewellery Studio Sydney.

A Wide Selection Of Loose Diamonds For Sale In Sydney

Not all diamonds are created equal, and when you are looking to buy loose diamonds, Sydney residents need to understand the 4 C’s of diamonds, which are cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight, to get the most out of their budget. We specialise in all types of diamonds, including white diamonds, fancy coloured diamonds, and pink Argyle diamonds, so we have a massive selection from which you can choose. You often find that with some designs of jewellery and settings, that it is sometimes better to get a diamond of a lower grade, as this can save you money and nobody but an expert with a diamond loop would be able to tell the difference. We like to think of ourselves as the best diamond wholesalers Sydney has available, as we place 100% customer satisfaction over increasing our profits, and welcome people to put our claims to the test.

Wholesale Engagement Rings Sydney & Wholesale Loose Diamonds Sydney

Different Cuts Of Wholesale Loose Diamonds in Sydney

Looking at the Sydney wholesale diamonds that are available, you will see that you can get them in a wide variety of different diamond cuts, and if you are looking to create custom-made jewellery, our in-house lapidarist can advise you on the benefits of the different types of cuts. We can cater to your needs and have a wide selection of wholesale cut diamonds to choose from including, TripleEx H&A™ hearts and arrows cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds, pear cut diamonds, round brilliant cut diamonds, emerald diamonds, and much more. Each different diamond cut has specific characteristics and reflects the light in different ways, so our experts are on hand to give you advice when you are looking to purchase wholesale loose diamonds in Sydney. For more information on the different types of diamond cuts that we have available as well as recommend, call us today on Tel: 1300 280 012 and one of our friendly members of staff will be happy to assist you.

Wholesale Diamond Jewellery Sydney And Nationwide

The Diamond Jewellery Studio Sydney not only has a reputation for selling high-quality wholesale diamonds in Sydney but also throughout the country, including Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth. Whether you are looking to purchase wholesale diamonds in Sydney CBD, or anywhere else in the country, we can supply the highest quality certified diamonds at very competitive prices. We can ship your selected diamond cuts via our secure courier services which for peace of mind are also fully insured. We can supply loose diamonds, as well as also providing custom handmade jewellery made by our artisans in our workshop, unlike the jewellery found in many high street shops which often is mass-produced and of low quality. When you talk to us, you will see how passionate we are about not only diamonds, but all types of jewellery with precious gemstones, and we strive to create an amazing shopping experience when commissioning bespoke jewellery and sourcing certified diamonds. Put our claims to the test and get in contact with us today, and you will see what makes the Diamond Jewellery Studio Sydney a step above the rest!

Contact Us For The Best Wholesale Diamonds In Sydney

When you require the services of a reputable and reliable Australian diamond importer, The Diamond Jewellery Studio Sydney is one of the most respected diamond brokers in Australia and have had many satisfied customers over the decades. If you are looking for more information on wholesale diamonds in Sydney, call us today on Tel: 1300 280 012 and one of our resident experts will be happy to assist you with your enquiry. You can also email us directly at, or use our online contact form and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. To keep up with all the latest news and special offers at The Diamond Jewellery Studio Sydney, you can follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. With our expertise, skill, and passion, we can help you to create beautiful custom handmade diamond jewellery at a competitive price, that you will love and cherish for a very long time.